Title of document: The Future od Feed: Seeds of Resilience. A compendium of Perspectives on Agricultural Biodiversity from around the world.

Authors: Emile Frison and Toby Hodgkin

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Year of publication: September 2016

Geographic focus: Worldwide

Summary: "Because of the centrality of resilient seed systems to our collective future of food, and because of the urgency to attend to the threats currently placed upon them, the Global Alliance commissioned an opportunities report, written by Emile Frison and Toby Hodgkin, and a dozen associated commentaries written by diverse leaders in the field from across the globe. The opportunities report and commentaries constitute The Future of Food: Seeds of Resilience, which we are excited to release to a broad array of stakeholders, from private enterprise to policy makers to farmers and funders.

This compendium captures a rich diversity of perspectives related to seed systems and agricultural biodiversity, reflecting current research and firsthand experience in the field. This includes plant breeders, seed companies, farmers, academics, foundation staff, and many others with the associated disparities of opinion. Seed systems are a vast area of exploration and are dusted with strong beliefs and sometimes firmly held philosophies. We have encouraged— and look forward to further exploring—this diversity."