Agri-Business Conference Laos 2019

Agri-Business Conference Laos 2019

To feed the world, we need to bring technology and small farms closer together! (Wim Hoogedeure, EY Partner)

EY, USDA, Winrock, GAIA Vita and Bureau Veritas has been organized the event on the Agri-Business Conference Laos 2019 at the rooftop of Kolao Building on 25 June 2019.

How can we harness all the new technology available today to help build a better working world for an often overlooked, possibly even neglected, sector: Agriculture. Today, many farmers in Laos exist on or are near the poverty line. Farms are going out of business every day. Yet, with a booming population, they are mouths to feed (6.8 millions counted in 2017) than ever. We need farmers, and we need them to be more productive than ever, on a finite amount of land.

We believe markets, compliance, technologies and biofertilizers could help solve these challenges. Let us give some examples of how this might work with the Agri-Business Conference Laos 2019.

This event gathers the key foreign agriculture investors to meet international speakers representing the key leverages that can change the Agriculture Laos Industry. The below speakers will go through the best practices that will enhance the business of producing, transforming and exporting agri-products from Laos: