ALiSEA 1st Annual General Meeting in Laos, Vientiane, 24-25 July 2017

ALiSEA 1st Annual General Meeting in Laos, Vientiane, 24-25 July 2017

The 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Agroecology Learning alliance in South East Asia (ALiSEA) in Laos was organized in Vientiane Capital on the 24th and 25th of July 2017. The support to the emergence of ALiSEA is part of a regional program, Towards an Agroecological Transition (ACTAE), funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD) and implemented by GRET.

The AGM was attended by 47 participants from a broad diversity of organizations (Local & International NGO, Farmer Federations, Research Centers, Academia, Private Sector, Government Agency and International Donors).

This event was organized around a two-days meeting alternating presentations, insightful talks and field visits. The field visits enable the participants to witness first hand agroecological initiatives and exchange with experienced farmers. It took place on the 24th of July and was hosted by:

  • Ms Khammone Luanglath (supported by Xaythany District of Agriculture, Lao Farmer Network and Click) in Thongmung village, Xaythany District Vientiane Capital. Specific focus was put on Organic Thongmung farmer group, Young organic farmer group, Compost fertilizer, Bio-extract (BE), access market / certify products and biochar.
  • Mr Phoutthasend (supported by Thoulakhom District of Agriculture and CLICK) in Keun village, Thoulakhom district Vientiane Province. Specific focus was put on cattle grazing group, spice production, young volunteers working on producing spice products (turmeric) and rice growing technique.

The AGM provided a space for:

  • Presenting and sharing ALiSEA progress activities (1st year) and updates on granted organizations of the 2nd call for proposal from ALiSEA.
  • Reinforcing and envisioning a broad coalition of stakeholders involved in the promotion of agroecology in Laos
  • Sharing and facilitating multi-stakeholders’ discussion on their vision and practices of agroecology in order to reach common understanding in Laos

An ALiSEA members’ fair was organized and visited at each coffee break, highlighting participants handicrafts and NTPF products, printed pictures of their work, posters, IEC materials, leaflets, name cards and any other relevant supports in order to enhance their visibility and foster networking and knowledge sharing.

All presentations that have supported the discussions over the second day are available for download hereafter:

Introduction session

ALiSEA progress activities:

ALiSEA Small Grant Facility:

Quick update of the the 2nd Call for Proposal: Sum up 2nd call-VF

Presentation of on going Small Grants in Laos:

CANSEA Small Grant:

ALiSEA Network: Members’ participation, Charter and Collective actions

The 2 documents “ALiSEA charter (draft of March 2017)” & “ToR and mandate for a ALiSEA National Secretariat in Laos” haven’t been presented during the AGM due to lack of time. Both documents will be shared shortly via email and followed up by an online consultation for feedback and approval.

A specific presentation reminded all participants What Can ALiSEA do for its members? and What is expected from its members?

A discussion was also conducted about the potential collective actions that could be organized in 2017 -2018 in Laos Collective actions in 2017

Multi-stakeholders panel discussion on agroecology vision and practices

This session was divided in 2 parts:

First, a world cafe about the main principles of Agroecology was organized. World Cafe Guidelines

We received the support from students of the Faculty of Art in order to help participants to “draw their ideas” . Groups have been working on the following issues: Recognizing and integrating local / indigenous knowledge; Water Conservation; Soil fertility management; Species and genetic diversification; Association / Integration of Crop production & Livestock raising

The second part of the session was a multi- stakeholders panel discussion about Market access and Certification of Agroecology Products with the following presenters:

  • ALiSEA/GRET, The state of organic certification in the Mekong region (Ms. Claire Georges) OA Certif VF
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture (DOA): Lao Certification Body/ Organic certification & PGS (Mr Thavisith Bounyasouk) Update OA & GAP Development
  • BSO/GRET Houaphan: PGS experience about dried bamboo shoot (Mr. Dominique Van Der Borght) PGS Dried Bamboo Experience in Sam Neua
  • Lao Farmer Network / Organic producer group in VTE / farmer’s basket and VTE organic market (Ms. Khammone Lunglath) Farmers’ basket
  • Fair Trade Lao/Fair trade certification, Situation in Laos and across the region (Ms. Anousone Phimmachanh) Fair Trade Laos