Legal Status: The Development of Environment and Community Association (DECA) has been established since 3rd July 2012 and operated as a None Profit Association (NPA) In 2013, DECA has been awarded a temporary NPA certificate by Ministry of Home Affair, while the permanent NPA’ license is under the consideration process of MOHA until today. DECA aims to build capacity for most vulnerable groups of people in rural community especially ethnic groups and women who have limited access to resources for economic empowerment. The above limitation has directly contributed to greatest gender inequality and poverty in those communities. By empowering women to become economically independent, providing trainings on sustainable agriculture practice, management and leadership skill, and helping them with improved market access, women are more likely to be self-sustained, independent and taking up leadership roles and active participating in development process in their communities.

  • Unit:10, Phonephanoa Village, Saysatha District Vientiane Cap LAO PDR