PTK is the first and only botanical garden in Laos.

The main goals of Pha Tad Ke are threefold:
• Biodiversity conservation through research, education and showcasing the Flora of Laos. Creation of ten theme gardens and notably the installation of an ethno-botanic garden and an efficient Herbarium with infrastructure to accommodate visiting researchers and students. Our target is to show over 1.500 living plant species at PTK.
• To promote sustainable organic farming through the installation of working farms and agro-forestry demo plots. These plots will welcome international tourists but are especially created to provide training programs to students, farmers, NGO and Government Staff on alternative, efficient and practical techniques. Our target is to provide 60+ training days per year.
• To develop tourism in Luang Prabang by creating a high quality visitors destination. Street interviews we have conducted with over 1.000 tourists came to the conclusion that 87% of tourists who come to Luang Prabang are interested in nature and culture but don’t find adequate possibilities to engage. Our target is to reach 15% minimum of LPB tourists to visit PTK.

Our institution works and believes in integrative, efficient and practical programs where local and international visitors, students and researchers can meet and learn. We firmly believe that biodiversity conservation in Laos can only be effective if partners from Government, NGOs, Agriculture come together to learn about biodiversity and ecological impacts of non-sustainable development and want PTK to be an institution where these alternate models can be showcased and workshops provided in an integrative environment.

  • Ban Wat That, PO Box 959, 06000 Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
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