Title of document: A policy dialogue on rice futures: rice-based farming systems research in the Mekong region

Authors/Editors: Lisa Robins

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: ACIAR

Year of publication: 2014

Geographic focus: Mekong Region

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Rice futures; Intensification and mechanization; Diversification; Climate change and natural resource management; Policy and knowledge……)

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The policy dialogue comprised five half-day forums, each consisting of 4–5 presentations followed by a panel discussion. The first set the scene by focusing broadly on ‘rice futures’ in the Mekong region. The four that followed examined intensification and mechanisation, diversification, climate change and natural resource management, and policy and knowledge. The lively dialogue around these policy-oriented papers, along with networking among delegates, stimulated fresh thinking about how to optimise outcomes from this important research.

These ACIAR proceedings comprise the papers presented at the policy dialogue, preceded by rapporteur synopses that capture the breadth of deliberations and panel discussions in each forum. These emphasised that technical solutions alone are insufficient for improving the productivity and profitability of rice-based farming systems: unless there are supportive policy settings, improvements in these systems will not occur. At ACIAR, we continue to work closely with policymakers in our partner countries to maximise the impact of our research-for-development investments.