Title of document: Agroecological Transitions - Changes and Breakthroughs in the Making

Authors: Boelie Elzen, Anna Maria Augustyn, Marc Barbier, Barbara van Mierlo

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: Wageningen University & Research

Year of publication: 2017

Geographic focus: Global level

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Learning in niches; Niche-regime interactions Regime transformations; Conclusion…)

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Web address to original document (if any): https://www.wur.nl/en/Publication-details.htm?publicationId=publication-way-353136383035


To underline the need for radical, systemic changes, we have chosen the term “AgroEcological Transitions” for the title of this volume. It stresses that a transition towards sustainable agriculture requires more than improving agribusiness as usual. To us, agroecology refers to broad and varied processes of experimentation and innovation that often start in niches and have the potential of transforming the dominant agri-food system into a more sustainable one. Analysing these ongoing processes will increase our understanding of transformative change. The chapters of this book reflect the need for such insights by analysing a broad variety of agroecological ‘breakthroughs-in-the-making