Title of document: Agroecology and Sustainable Development

Authors: Jean Vettraino with support from Jean-Noël Menard and Vincent Minouflet

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation:  International Action and Advocacy Department (DAPI) of Secours Catholique-Caritas France

Year of publication:  January 2017

Geographic focus: worldwide

Summary: “Understanding the cornerstones of agroecology” requires “a sustained and significant collective effort, comparable to the efforts that went into conquering space. (...) Without doubt, the future of humanity depends far greater on this research than any programme looking at IT, electronics or telecommunications.”

This report will primarily focus on agroecology projects and the views of partners in the Global South, projects and partners supported by Secours Catholique-Caritas Europe (SCCF). The wide range of practices are tailored to providing local solutions for sustainable agriculture in myriad different regions. All the initiatives are built on the principles of empowerment, action, resilience and integration of the social dimension. These characteristics stem from the desire to see a profound change in our food and agriculture systems, moving towards diversified agroecological systems.