Title of document: Agroecology as a Pathway towards Sustainable Food Systems

Authors: M. Jahi Chappell, Annelie Bernhart, Lorenz Bachmann, André Luiz Gonçalves, Sidy Seck,  Phanipriya Nandul and Alvori Cristo dos Santos

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: MISEREOR, Coventry University

Year of publication: 2018

Geographic focus: India, Brazil and Senegal

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: MISEREOR’s vision for agroecology; Country-specific backgrounds and introduction to current study; Research findings; Conclusions and outlook…)

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This report summarizes the results of impact studies about agroecological interventions in semiarid regions in three countries, namely, Pernambuco state in Brazil, Fatick district in Senegal, and Osmanabad district in India. The work was carried out by partner organizations funded and supported by MISEREOR. The results provide strong evidence of the impact and potential of agroecology as a pathway towards more sustainable agriculture and food system.