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  • Title of document: Building an Evidence Base for Policy Formulation in the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector in Lao PDR

    Authors/editor: NAFRI

    Journal’s name if any:

    Ministry/Government Agency/Organization: NAFRI - MAF

    Year of publication: 2020

    Geographic focus: Lao PDR

    Main issues/ topics addressed (for example: Sustainable Commercial Agricultural Production: A Case Study of Commercialized Banana Production; Development of Benzoin Upstream Value Chains for Uplands of The Lao PDR; Cassava Value Chains in Champasak and Salavan Provinces…)

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    In June 2012, the Government of the Lao PDR, with the support of development partners, established a Policy Think Tank as part of the Sector Working Group on Agriculture and Rural Development. The Policy Think Tank is led by NAFRI, the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, which is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The aim of the Policy Think Tank is to engage government ministries and private sector stakeholders in dialogue and consensus building to address critical national policy issues that impact actions at the provincial and district levels to support the improvement of livelihoods among the rural poor…