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  • Title of document: Climate Resilient Agriculture: Educational/Training Posters Series

    Authors: Julian Gonsalves

    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: CIAT

    Year of publication: 2016

    Geographic focus: Southeast Asia

    Url original document: https://ccafs.cgiar.org/publications/climate-resilient-agriculture-educationaltraining-posters-series#.V01EUiGwEgg


    These posters are based on key messages derived from a sourcebook of reading/reference materials in a companion production entitled "Towards Climate Resilience in Agriculture for Southeast Asia - An Overview for Decision-makers". They were produced by CIAT with CCAFs funding for an FP1.1 project entitled “Integrated agricultural technologies for enhanced adaptive capacity and resilient livelihoods in climate-smart villages (CSVs) of Southeast Asia”. These posters are designed for use in training or educational events, primarily for starting discussions on important issues facing agriculture in a changing climate. The poster series cover a range of topics/ issues related to climate change in agriculture.They can be used one at a time, and not necessarily in any particular sequence. These pictures can also be enlarged to serve as educational posters, displayed one at a time. They can be used in power point presentations . The illustrations can serve as prototypes for local adaptation and further improvement by local artists. Any use of the illustrations should provide adequate credits to the source