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  • Title of document: Enhancing Soil functional diversity of Rice fields

    Authors: Jamel Aribi (IRD-IPME, France), Stephane Bellafiore (IRD-IPME, France-Vietnam), Pierre Czernic (IRD-IPME, France), Cuong Ha (VNUA, Vietnam), Kimchhin Hin (ITC, Cambodia), Fidero KUOK (ITC, Cambodia), Michel Lebrun (LMI RICE 2, Vietnam), Vira Leng (GDA/DALRM, CASC, Cambodia), Anne-Sophie Masson (IRD-IPME, France), Lionel Moulin (IRD-IPME, France), Mathilde Sester (CIRAD-AIDA, France), Malyna Suong (ITC, Cambodia), Hue Nguyen Thi (LMI RICE 2, Vietnam), Florent Tivet (CIRAD, CSIA)

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    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: ACTAE

    Year of publication: 2018

    Geographic focus: Cambodia

    Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Background of the intervention; Main objectives of the funded initiative; Approach & methodology; Main activities implemented…)

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    Final narrative report ACTEA Small Grant Facility SOFUNRICE Project