Title of document: Farmer Field School for Tomato Intergraded Pest Management “A Facilitator’s Field Guide”

Authors: Sri Wahyuning (LPTP), Warsito Tantowijoyo (CIP), Elske van de Fliert (FAO)

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: LPTP, CIP, FAO, World Education

Year of publication: 2006

Geographic focus: South and Southeast Asia

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Potato Crop Cultivation; Pest and Disease Management; Fertilizers; Pesticides; Harvest and Post- Harvest Management……)

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This guide is meant as a reference for IPM FFS facilitators. It describes exercises for the farmer field school learning process relating to sustainable potato cultivation. This learning process begins with preparing fields for planting and goes on right up to marketing harvest produce. These experiential learning exercises are intended to empower farmers to become agroecosystem managers through enhancing both their understanding of technical aspects of potato IPM and their decision making and experimental skills. This field guide with learning exercises is closely linked to the potato ecological production guide “ All about Potatoes: A Handbook to the Ecology and Integrated Management of Potato ”. Elaborations on the technical content of the learning exercises in this guide can be found in the respective chapters of the ecological production guide. Potato IPM FFS facilitators should master the contents of both guides.