Title of document: Geographical Indications in the ASEAN Region

Authors/editor: ARISE+ IPR                                      

Journal’s name if any:

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: ARISE+ IPR, EU

Year of publication: 2019

Geographic focus: South East Asia

Main issues/ topics addressed (for example: overview about geographical indications in the ASEAN region; geographical indications protection in each ASEAN member state; protection of geographical indications in the European Union and international markets…)

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A booklet on ASEAN Geographical Indications procedure and products

The ARISE Plus Intellectual Property Rights (ARISE+ IPR) programme is one of the components under the Enhanced ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the European Union (EU)The overall objective of ACTAE project is to build durable and effective mechanisms to facilitate synergies among initiatives contributing to an agro-ecological transition in South East Asia.

ARISE+ IPR programme supports regional integration through Intellectual Property (IP) cooperation and aims to upgrade the IP systems for creation, protection, utilisation, administration and enforcement, in line with international best practices and standards and the strategic objectives of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan 2016-2025.