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  • Title of document: Identifying barriers to the adoption of agroecological practices in rural Laos

    Authors: HJA

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    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: HJA, ALiSEA

    Year of publication: 2018

    Geographic focus: Lao PDR

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    Huam Jai Asasamak Association (HJA) is a youth-focused non-profit organization with 3 main programs, the: Volunteer Internship Program (VIP), Volunteer Alumni Program (VAP), and Volunteer Peer Educator (VPE).

    This project aimed to further investigate the potential barriers affecting smallholder farmers’ ability to adopt agro-ecological practices and exploredthe role of extension-based support, natural resources allocation, the de factoLaos land-tenure systemand overall influence of agriculture policy.

    The HJA ‘Identifying Barriers in the Adoption of Agroecological Practices in Rural Laos Project’ (the Project) was supported by GRET project and conducted in the provinces of Savannakhet and XiengKhuang with three main objectives: (1) Identify significant barriers and constraints in adoption of agroecological practices at the community-level; (2) Document potential action and intervention initiatives to facilitate delivery of agroecology practices; and,  (3) Provide overall strategic approach and roadmap to address adoption barriers. Disseminate findings and transition stories to actors and alliances involved in adoption of Agro ecological practice