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  • Title of document: Impact Story - AFOSP

    Authors/editor: AFOSP

    Journal’s name if any:

    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: AFOSP

    Year of publication: 2020

    Geographic focus: ASEAN

    Main issues/ topics addressed (for example: …)

    School of agroecology (if any):

    Web address to original document (if any): http://www.asiapacificfarmersforum.net/afosp-impact-story/


    Farmers who are coming from 10 member states of ASEAN ,These impact stories of our beneficiaries throughout the four years implementation of AFOSP and how their effort of improving their farming industry impacted the lives of many.

    This impact story is included:

    1.      Chapter 1 | Why It Matters & About AFOSP.

    2.      Chapter 2 | AFOSP Journey.

    3.      Chapter 3 | Photo of ASEAN - EU.

    4.      Chapter 4 | ASEAN Roadmap for Enhancing the Role of Agriculture Cooperative in the Global Value Chain 2018 - 2025.

    5.      Chapter 5 | Our Farmers Our Story.

    6.      Lesson Learned