Title of document: Innovative approaches: to linking sustainable and agroecological production with markets in developing countries

Authors: Marcello Vicovaro, Allison Loconto, Emilie Vandecandelaere and Pilar Santacoloma

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

Year of publication: 2015

Geographic focus: Worldwide


Summary: This document is the final report of a serie of workshops. This workshop is the result of two research projects: the first, on “Sustainable practices, sustainable markets? Exploring the institutional changes that link sustainable agricultural practices with markets in developing countries” and the second, on “An analysis of the marketing channels of agroecological produce.” Both projects attempted specifically to understand the ways in which sustainable agroecological production was linked to markets in developing countries. The workshop brought together specialists and researchers who shared innovative experiences about more productive and sustainable agricultural practices in the context of market integration. It is hoped that the experiences documented in the present workshop report will facilitate the spread of new experiences and create new awareness about the linkages between sustainable production and markets, contributing to the development of sustainable and fficient food systems.