Title of document: Managing our natural resources for a better life in the villages of Houaphanh Province: Six Briefs on Bamboo Forest Management and Value Chains Development

Authors/editor: Gret, BNDA

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organization: Gret, BNDA

Year of publication: 2020

Geographic focus: Lao PDR

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Huaphan Province is diversity of natural bamboo forest. Recognizing this potential since 2009, GRET through its Bamboo and Rattan project with the Houaphanh government and its Bamboo Taskforce has been supporting the Huaphan Bamboo Sector Development Strategy 2011-2015 & 2016 -2020. 5 bamboo value chains being actively developed within the province and supported by the Bamboo and Rattan Project are 1) Handicraft Value Chain; 2) Mai Khuane Value Chain; 3) Khom (Bamboo Shoot) Value Chain; 4) Broom Grass Value Chain; and 5)Red Mushroom Value Chain...

After the project has ended, the Bamboo and NTFPs Development Association (BNDA) will continue to support it. You can view BNDA activities via the Facebook page: “ສະມາຄົມພັດທະນາໄມ້ປ່ອງ&ເຄື່ອງປ່າຂອງດົງ/Bamboo & NTFP Development Association” or by email: [email protected]