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  • Title of document: Proceedings National Thematic Workshop “What performance indicators for assessing agroecology impacts?”

    Authors: Pierre Ferrand and Dr. Saythong Vilayvong

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    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: AFD, GRET/ALiSEA

    Year of publication: 2016

    Geographic focus: Lao PDR

    Main issues / topics addressed (for example: introduction; setting the stage; case studies & group work; way forwards and timeframe ……)

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    Proceedings National Thematic Workshop, 29th November 2016, at LANITH, Vientiane, Laos. This 1st thematic workshop was instrumental in initiating a collective and multi stakeholder reflection regarding ways to measure success. It was the first of its kind and it is expected that others will follow to furthering the discussion, sharing findings of preliminary pilot testing, experiences and best practices and ultimately promote agroecology transition in the Mekong region. It brought together 30 participants from Research and Universities (about 60%) and National and International NGOs / CSOs’ (about 40 %) actively working on sustainable agriculture sector in Laos.