Title of document: Promoting Indigenous Knowledge and Good Agricultural Practices in Climate Change Adaptation _ Version English and Vietnam

Authors: ADC

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: ADC, Care, Australian AID, ALiSEA

Year of publication: 2017

Geographic focus: Vietnam

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: The role of indigenous knowledge in climate change adaptation; Methods and tools used to identify IK applied by the community-based adaptation practices; ……)

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Climate change is one of the most important challenges to sustainable development in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

IK is also used in cultivation techniques in extreme climatic conditions. With cultivation conditions are mainly sloping land, many traditional techniques have been applied to limit soil erosion due to heavy rainfalls like building terraced fields, arranging stones to create contours, leaving natural grass on the contour line, intercropping to cover the ground. Particularly indigenous techniques of watering and retaining water in hilly terrain conditions have been very popular in many ethnic minority communities such as making reel, water-wheel and bamboo cylinder for water supplying, digging wells in paddies for water storing, etc., that help plants survive drought. IK has helped the agricultural production of EM communities to develop sustainably for generations.

This is a brief handbook of “Indigenous Knowledge and Good Agricultural Practices in Climate Change Adaptation” in Vietnam