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  • Title of document: Soybean cropping systems in South East Asia: Assessment of rhizobial inoculant quality and effect of management practices on the associated soil microbial populations (INOCSOJ project)

    Authors: Dr Didier Lesueur, Dr Laetitia Herrmann, Dr Pascal Lienhard, Dr Florent Tivet

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    Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: ACTAE

    Year of publication: 2018

    Geographic focus: Cambodia, Laos and SEA

    Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Assessing the impact of cropping systems and agricultural practices on the soil bacterial and fungal communities in Cambodia; Assessment of rhizobial inoculant quality in South East Asia; Effect of rhizobial inoculation on the native rhizobial and mycorrhizal community associated to soybean in Lao…)

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    Final narrative report ACTAE Small Grant Facility INOCSOJ Project