Title of document: The diversity of knowledge, Reflection on the agrobiodiversity @ knowledge programme

Authors: Henkjan Laats, Nick Pasciesznik, Edith van Walsum, Janneke Bruil and Danielle Peterson

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: Hivos and Oxfam Novib

Year of publication: 2015

Geographic focus: Regional level

Despite its importance for food security, smallholder livelihoods and the environment, agricultural biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate and with the knowledge in its management and use. With the Agrobiodiversity@knowledged programme, Hivos and Oxfam novib wanted to contribute to solutions for this unfolding drama.

This report is the result of a three years knowledge programme of Hivos, Oxfam Novib and civil society organisations and academics working in the field of agricultural biodiversity around the world. It reveals stories of change - changes within people and changes within the programmes of their organisations - related to agricultural biodiversity.