Title of document: The Lao Uplands Sourcebook, Improving livelihoods in the Uplands of Lao PDR, Vol 5, Lao

Authors: Bandith Ramangkoun, Michael Victor

Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: NAFRI, NAFES, NUoL

Year of publication: 2004

Geographic focus: Lao PDR

Summary: The Lao Uplands Sourcebook was developed in order to provide field level extension workers, educators and students better access to the wealth of information and experiences in Uplands resource management in Lao PDR.

The sourcebook includes 68 articles of best practices, lessons learned, and experiences gained by those working in the uplands. It is intended to provide field workers (provincial and district level staff ) with practical, easy to understand ways to solve problems facing upland development. The compilation can serve as a rich source of ideas and reference materials for trainers. It might also be useful to educators, policy makers, local officials and administrators. While the articles within the sourcebook can be further adapted to create community-based materials, the sourcebook as such is not meant for direct use with farmers or community groups.