Title of document: The second 5 year bamboo development strategy (2016-2020), Houaphanh Province

Authors: The Provincial Bamboo Task Force supported by GRET

Ministry/Government Agency/Organization: Houaphan PAFO & DPI

Year of publication: 2015

Geographic focus: Laos

The first 5-year Bamboo Development Strategy (2010-2015) has been implemented by the Authorities of Houaphanh Province and of the three Districts of Sam Neua, Viengxay & Sobbao with the support of the Bamboo Project operated GRET and SNV. The value chain approach adopted during the first phase proved effective for mobilizing stakeholders (villagers, traders, investors, government staffs) around five bamboo based value chains: handicraft & furniture (Khouane, Hok, Luang bamboo species) and fresh bamboo shoots (Khom species) for the domestic market and dried bamboo shoots (Hok species), paper pulp (Xang species) and slats & sticks (Khouane species) for the Vietnamese market. Based on the lessons learned from the first phase, a multi level consultation has been organized by the provincial and district authorities in cooperation with the Bamboo Task Force and Gret between May and July 2015. The first phase was estimated to be quite successful, as compared to its original objectives. A second 5-year Bamboo Development Strategy (2016-2020) was then designed, with the following targets :

• 5 000 Households involved in bamboo activities (1800 Households in 2015)

• Expand the allocation natural bamboo forests to villagers, forest management plans and forest monitoring activities in 10-30 new villages or 5 000 ha (26 villages and 3400 ha managed in 2015)

• Generate USD 1,0 million from domestic trade and exports of bamboo products (USD 450 000 generated in 2010-2015)