Title of document: Tomato-Integrated Pest Management: An Ecological Guide

Authors: FAO

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Ministry/Government Agency/Organisation: FAO

Year of publication: 2000

Geographic focus: South and South East Asia

Main issues / topics addressed (for example: Major Agronomic Practices; Ecology of Insect Pests and Natural Enemies; Major tomato Insect Pests; Major Natural Enemies of Tomato Insect Pests; Disease Ecology; Major Diseases of Tomato; Weed and Rodent Management……)

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This ecological guide is developed by the FAO Inter-Country Programme for IPM in vegetables in South and Southeast Asia. It is an updated version of the Tomato IPM Ecological Guide dated June 1996. The objective of this ecological guide is to provide general technical background information on tomato production, supplemented with field experiences from the National IPM programmes connected to FAO’s Vegetable ICP, and from related organizations active in farmer participatory IPM. Reference is made to exercise protocols developed by Dr. J. Vos of CABI Bioscience (formerly IIBC/CAB International) for FAO. The exercises are described in “Vegetable IPM Exercise book”, 1998 which contains examples of practical training exercises that complement the technical background information from this guide.