Call for contributions… Agroecology Futures regional forum, Siem Reap, 6-8 November 2018

Call for contributions… Agroecology Futures regional forum, Siem Reap, 6-8 November 2018

The Agroecology Futures Regional Forum is fast approaching. It is time to gear up and decide how you want to participate… In addition to the several plenary sessions and parallel discussions, we have organized other modalities for all participants to actively contribute and share their experience:

  • A call for posters with a dedicated poster session on the 7th of November afternoon
  • A photo contest about Agroecology with a public display during the whole forum and an awarding ceremony on the 8th of November
  • A seed swap to embrace the biodiversity of the Mekong Region and beyond organized on the 8th November afternoon
  • A knowledge and innovation fair to share or demonstrate any materials or approaches related to agroecology on 7th and 8th of November

Call for posters

You are actively involved in promoting and disseminating agroecology and you would like to share your experience, research findings, or methodological approaches? We are warmly encouraging you to send us an abstract for poster under the following 5 different themes:

1/ Agroecology in practices

From organic production to landscape approach, integrated farming, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, crop – livestock integration, to integrated pest management… Agroecology covers many practices, all relying on plant diversity, ecological processes dynamics and on the maximization of the use of natural resources. Under this theme, posters are expected to address diversity of agroecological practices.

2/ Youth / Education and Agroecology

Across the Mekong Region, several initiatives have started at university and secondary education level in order to disseminate and mainstream agroecological approaches. Meanwhile, thousands of young innovative farmers have already engaged themselves in an agroecological transition. Youth will lead the change for an agricultural shift toward sustainable agriculture in the Mekong region. This theme is meant to showcase and promote these initiatives that are working for building a new generation of farmers, development operators and researchers.

3/ Marketing agroecological products

Consumer demand for safe and high-quality products is rising in the Mekong region. This theme calls for sharing experiences and highlighting innovative initiatives that both support farmers accessing / developing new market outlets and raise awareness of consumers towards quality and right cost of the food.

4/ Biodiversity and Agroecology

Biodiversity is at the heart of agroecology: Plant diversity is the engine that drives soil-crop interactions and enhances ecosystem services. The diversity of species benefits to the entire agroecosystem. Agriculture landscapes with rich and diversified fauna and flora are the most resilient, improving nutritional status of rural communities but also the most aesthetic ones. This theme calls for initiatives that promote biodiversity in regards to agriculture development.

5/ Collective actions at work for promoting an agroecological transition

A range of issues should be addressed to foster the dissemination of agroecological systems including institutional and social issues, pooling together a diversity of stakeholders (smallholder farmers, service providers, traders …), addressing collective land management, developing inter-ministerial strategy, bringing science-based evidence to policy-makers and translating such knowledge into practices for policy-makers. This theme calls for initiatives that promote collective action, synergies between stakeholders, involvement of policy-makers to promote an agroecological transition.

Tentative timeframe:

  • Deadline for submission of abstract: 15 October 2018
  • Selection of posters abstracts: 15-20 October 2018
  • Presentation of posters and selection of the 2 best posters: 7th November

We are expecting your abstract for posters by 15th of October 2018. They should be sent to the following address: [email protected]

Photo contest

Do you feel that organic agriculture is a key for a sustainable and fair development in the Mekong region? Do you believe that agroecology is a promising approach to protect people’s health and the environment? Do you also admire farmers who are developing innovative agroecology initiatives?

Then, help us to showcase the beauty and the diversity of agroecology initiatives in the Mekong region. Pick one of the many agroecology initiatives implemented by innovative farmers in the region and share with us your best photo from the field. The deadline for submission is the 15th of October 2018.  Your photos must be sent to the email address: [email protected].

The 15 best photos will be selected and displayed during the Regional Forum “Agroecology futures” (, taking place in Siem Reap, in Cambodia, during the week of the 5th of November 2018. Photographers will benefit from a high visibility during the event.

Out of the 15 photos of the exhibition, 3 will be elected by the participants during the Regional Forum and will receive Cash Prizes. The first photo will win 350$, the second one 250$ and the third one 150$.

More information here:

Seed Swap

A seed swap will be organized during the Forum on November 8. A seed swap is a seed sharing process where smallholder farmers and development operators meet and exchange their seeds in person. They are powerful tool to share know-how and knowledge on under-utilized and neglected species. This is also an excellent vehicle to contribute to a better nutritional status of home garden. This event is also organized as part of an educational effort, where participants to the Forum will be taught about how to preserve and use plant biodiversity.

We invite all participants (smallholder farmers, development operators, scientists, decision-makers, donors, private sector) to contribute to the seed swap bringing their favourite under-utilized species that will be shared with others.

We invite you to bring 5-10 small packets (<100g) of your favourite seed varieties to share. Those that bring seeds will get first choice in selecting seeds during the seed swap. Please make sure to label seeds clearly with common name, where they come from, a few characteristics of the plant, and the Latin name if possible.