Forestry/FLEGT Expert, Lao PDR

INTRODUCTION To contribute to the implementation of FLEGT Programme of Government of Laos (GoL) in addressing world concerns related  illegal logging and timber trading, with supports from FAO-EU-FLEGT Programme, the Environment Conservation and Community Development Association (ECCDA), a Lao CSO, is implementing a Pro-FLEGT project that will pilot the legality requirements for timber coming from […]

20th NAFRI Anniversary, 25-28 April 2019, Lao PDR

The National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute of Laos was established in 1999 in order to consolidate agriculture and forestry research activities within the country and develop a coordinated National Agriculture and Forestry Research System. NAFRI belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and is equal in status to other technical departments under […]


Company Profile GAIA VITA Co,Ltd – Bio-fertilizers Engineering- GAIA VITA Co,Ltd, to be officially registered in the soon coming time, is a company dedicated to Environmental Sustainable Development, specifically in Agri-Business. Because of the changing market of agricultural inputs (fewer chemicals and more ecological products), the change in the methods of fertilization and the evolution […]

State of Land in the Mekong Region: Scientific report shows urgent need for transformation

Vientiane, 13 March 2019 The report “State of Land in the Mekong Region” was launched today in Vientiane, Lao PDR. The first publication of its kind in the Mekong Region, it brings together key data and information on the current status of, and changes in, land resources, their social distribution, and the conditions of governance […]


Analysis of the integration of agroecology principles and factors of adoption in production systems by upland family farms in the target villages of ENUFF project in Oudomxay and Huaphan Provinces, Lao P.D.R. For more than twenty-five years, Agrisud International has been supporting farmers in developing countries with the mission of promoting the economic empowerment of […]

CHEF DE PROJET “Foresterie et Agroécologie en zones de montage au Nord Laos – Phase 2 » (FORAE II)” LAOS

Agrisud International Depuis 26 ans, Agrisud International, association à but non lucrative de droit français, appuie les populations les plus vulnérables du monde agricole à s’élever de l’état de précarité vers l’autonomie économique et sociale. Agrisud International favorise la remise en économie par la création de très petites entreprises (TPE) familiales, en particulier dans le […]

Farmer Permaculture training in Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, Louangprabang Province, Lao PDR

Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden is starting a new permaculture project. This project will involve the development and installation of a permaculture demonstration/research farm in Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, Laos with a training program for local farmers, government staff and NGO’s. As part of this program we will teach and showcase sustainable practices and […]

Young farmer field forum on coffee in Keoset, Khoun district, Xiengkhuang province, 18-22 February 2019

Young farmer field forum has been on 18-21 February 2019, in Keoset, Khoun district, Xiengkhuang province. This event was supported and organized by Helvetas Laos. There were more than 55 participants included government officer from PAFO Xieng Khuang, DAFO in Khoun district, young farmers who work on coffee farming especially young coffee farmers in Xiengkhuang […]

Young Organic Farmers (YOF) 2018, 14 – 18 December 2018, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Co-organizers: Participatory Development Training Centre (PADETC) Lao PDR Rural Development Agency (RDA) Lao PDR College of Natural Resources (CNR) Bhutan Towards Organic Asia (TOA), Thailand Young Organic Farmers and TOA Partners from Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam participated in the 6th anniversary of Sombath Somphone’s Disappearance and PADETC Fair to present and exchange the […]