Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS) 2016

Since 1980 the work of outstanding activists, practitioners and visionaries is recognized with the Right Livelihood Award (known as the Alternative Nobel Prize) during an annual ceremony in the Swedish Parliament. Sulak Sivaraksa is a Right Livelihood laureate with his home base in Thailand. He founded the Sathirakoses Nagaparidipa Foundation (SNF) in 1968. It grew into a lively umbrella for independent civil society organisations and social enterprises.
Later a pioneering laureate, Anwar Fazal, consumer activist, Malaysia, founded the Right Livelihood College as an international network of universities and learning centres providing a platform for interaction and exchanges with Right Livelihood laureates.
In addition, the Right Livelihood Summer School enables laureates annually to multiply their transformative insights through informal personal contact and mutual learning processes. The Right Livelihood Summer School is organized by a partnership of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (where it is based); The Royal University of Bhutan, Thimphu; the Right Livelihood College with its secretariat in Bonn and the Sathirakoses Nagapradipa Foundation (SNF), also based in Bangkok, Thailand. Together they shape a Wellbeing Studies Programme. In this framework we celebrate the annual Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summer School, in brief CURLS.

CURLS 2016: now in Thailand and Bhutan
Participants can register for the summer school (part I) in Thailand or (part II) in Bhutan separately; or for both parts. Participants will travel to Bhutan through Bangkok. An overlapping weekend with public exchanges 23 – 24 July, and final presentations 7 August at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok will bind the two parts together. Maximum number of participants of each group is 24. Fluent English is a requirement.

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