Forest Officer, GRET International, Lao PDR

Forest Officer, GRET International, Lao PDR

GRET, Professionals for Fair Development is a French international development Non-Government Organization (iNGO), which works from the ground up, with the aim of providing durable and innovative answers to the challenges of poverty and inequalities. GRET is implementing a Bamboo and Rattan Sustainable Value Chain project which includes supporting the implementation of the Huaphanh Provincial Bamboo Strategy.  As part of this strategy, the Bamboo and Rattan Project is contributing to the establishment of a Bamboo and NTFP Development Association (BNDA) as a technical-oriented service organization. This association is a future independent and sustainable organization that mobilizes the current Bamboo Project core technical team and the Village Service Providers who have been trained by the Bamboo Project. It will provide long term quality services to bamboo sector stakeholders of Huaphan Province and in Laos, for fair and sustainable development of the bamboo and other NTFP value chains to benefit local communities in terms of livelihood improvement.

Location and cooperation

The Program works in Huaphanh Province, in 4 districts: Viengxay, Xamnua, Sobbao and Houameuang. The Program works in cooperation with the Provincial and District offices (Agriculture, Investments and Cooperation, Commerce and Industry, LWU, etc.) and the villagers. The positions is based in Xam Neua with regular visits to the villages in the 4 districts and more intensively in Houameuang.

Contract Length:

The contract is  for one year (January 2020 to end of December 2020)

  1. Actively participate in capacity training by the Bamboo Project/GRET to become dynamic and motivated members of the BNDA, able to provide high-quality services to the bamboo sector stakeholders;
  2. Provide technical support to villagers in the preparation, registration, and implementation of Bamboo (and other NTFP) ‘Forest Management Plans’ using the methods developed by the Bamboo Project; in the preparation and implementation of annual Bamboo and other NTFP forest monitoring together with the ‘village bamboo committees’ and in developing and maintaining bamboo plantations;
  3. Coordinate and cooperate with PAFO and DAFO technicians in the implementation of the above activities;
  4. Involve and train Village Bamboo Forest Management Technicians (VFMT) and Village Bamboo Plantation Technicians (VBPT) in the development of the activities above;
  5. Actively contribute to the development of the local association BNDA;
  6. Plan, implement and report on activities on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  7. Contribute to any other Project activities, according to needs and following instructions of the Bamboo and Rattan Project Manager, Deputy Project Manager and BNDA coordinator.
Expected Profile and Qualifications:
  1. High motivation to be part of the BNDA in the long term and provide high-quality services to the bamboo sector stakeholders;
  2. Technical or University degree in forestry or similar, and/or relevant field experience with basic knowledge of the forest and its management.
  3. Experience at village and district level in conduction forest-related activities
  4. Capacity to independently plan activities and coordinate implementation with stakeholders (government, private sector, and villagers).
  5. Skills in calculation, analysis and Microsoft productivity Suite: Excel, Powerpoint, and Word.
  6. English spoken and written but with the capacity to reach the working level in a short time.
  7. Report and meeting minutes writing skills (initially can be in Lao but in short time, in English)
  8. Motivated, dynamic, ready for fieldwork and staying overnight (forests, motorbike)
  9. Good team worker, organization skills, sense of responsibilities and be able to work independently.
  10. Basic knowledge of GIS or GPS is positive for considerations.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV with at least the name of two references to:

Closing date for sending documents on Friday 3rd January 2020 

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.