How to make ALiSEA works for your organization…

How to make ALiSEA works for your organization…

In the past few months, several communication tools (website, Facebook page, quarterly newsletter) have been developed by the ALiSEA coordination team with the objective to foster learning and sharing initiatives about agroecology in the Mekong Region.

Such tools are meant to support by several ways research dissemination and analysis, updates on local, national and regional agroecology related events, mapping field level initiatives… and to enhance the visibility and the credibility of the numerous on going agroecology initiatives across the Mekong region.

The table hereafter presents briefly

  • The objectives and the current scope of each communication tool
  • How every organization involved in agroecology and willing to join ALiSEA network can make use of them to give visibility to its action at grass root level and broadly share its experience across the Mekong region and beyond

Ultimately, it is believed that ALiSEA regional network will contribute at enabling local and regional agroecology stakeholders to leverage one another’s expertise to produce evidence based studies and share them broadly to support a regional transition towards agroecology.

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To share with us your organization profile for the ALiSEA member section, here is the template: Template member profile

To submit us a case study for the mapping section, here is the template: ALiSEA case study factsheet_VF