Internship opportunity, Lao PDR, open immediately

Internship opportunity, Lao PDR, open immediately

Lao Agritech Solution is running an experimental platform in Vientiane, Lao PDR, developing 2 very innovative products: An insect based protein meal (for animal feed purpose), and an organic soil conditioner (based on insect manure).

At this stage of the project, we are planning to run tests with local farmers and research institutions, using our products, as a feed complement for fishes, poultry and pigs, as well as our soil amendment for cultivation of vegetables, fruits and rice.

The objective of this internship is to help coordinating between our experimental platform, research centers and network of local farmers, testing protocols and following up, as well as data collection and analysis.

Duration of internship should be around 6 month. Position is opened immediately.

Contact details for further information about this internship:

Mr Mathieu Vassal, WASECO Director: [email protected] / Tél. : +8562055531427

Lao Agritech Solution ltd adress: Ban Souan Mone, sisathanack District, Vientiane Capital, LAO P.D.R

Further information about the on going activities of the experimental platform: BSF Recycling Solution ACTAE