National: Vietnam

Title: Adaptive Research on Rice/Potato Rotation Model (applying SRI for rice and minimum tillage method for potato) in Paddy Land of Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen Province”.






“The System of Rice Intensification (SRI)” and “The Growing Winter Potato by Minimum Tillage Method (GPM)” have been recognized by Vietnamese Government as new advanced techniques since 2007 and 2012 accordingly. Recently, SRI has been applied by about 2 millions of farmers on nearly haft of million hectares and about 5,000 farmers are applying GPM (Dũng, 2016).

The project aims to build an integrated SRI-GPM model and run by group of farmers in on-farm study approach with principles of Farmer’s Field School (FFS). A study and holistic analysis of the model will be done by farmers and ICC scientists. Multiple stakeholders such as Practitioners (group of farmers), Technician/Scientist (commune and district extension workers, ICC experts); Business sector (agricultural business enterprises), Managers (mass social organizations, and local governments) are involved. The project will be carried on one year (June, 2017 to May 2018) and in Tan Duc commune, Phu binh district, Thai Nguyen province. The project will test an approach method of “Public-Private Partnership” or “linkage of 4 partners: farmers-technician/scientists-business-public managers” in technological transfer, agroecology transition as well as sustainable rural development in uncertain social and climate changes in Vietnam

Localization: Tan Duc commune, Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province


  1. Building a model of integrated SRI-GPM in 3-5 hetares with participating of group of about 40-50 rice farmers (with more women farmers).
  2. Organizing a FFS in rice and potato growing for farmers who involving the model.
  3. A research with data collection and analizing holistic aspects of the model.
  4. Three field worshops (one for each crop) in commune to reflect and share experience
  5. A final workshop to share experience, cooperate among stakeholders and diseminate the model.
  6. Documentation of the implementation process, results and lessons learnt of the model for disemination


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10,000 $


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Tan Thinh ward, Thai Nguyen City