National: Myanmar

Title: Agro-ecology for resilient and sustainable livelihoods of natural disaster affected groups: Co-evaluation and research in development with smallholders of Tonzang, Tedim and Kale townships in north-western Myanmar


Chalmers University of Technology,

Department of Energy and Environment,

 Division of Physical Resource Theory



The Myanmar based, non-governmental organisation Ar Yone Oo – Social Development Organisation (AYO) currently implements a project entitled “Strengthening the resilience of natural disaster affected groups” (STRONG), with flood and land-slide affected smallholder farmers in north-western Myanmar. The backbone of this project is to link relief recovery activities to development. Project activities include the promotion of diverse agro-ecological practices through trainings in farmer field schools and the provision of respective agricultural inputs. Research staff from Chalmers University will partner with AYO to document this case study of agro-ecological learning and extension, via a collaborative evaluation of the STRONG project implementation process; and co-research into barriers and opportunities for the adoption of promoted agro-ecological practices, as perceived by rural farmers

Localization: Tonzang  and Tedim township in Chin State, Kale township in Sagaing region, Mynmar


  1. Workshop with Ar Yone Oo and Chalmers research staff, and meeting(s) with local agricultural department officers to jointly define relevant criteria to collaboratively evaluate the implementation process of the STRONG project in northern Chin State and Sagaing Region
  2. In-depths qualitative interviews with Are Yone Oo staff, agricultural department staff and a purposefully selected sample of rural farming households, to evaluate the STRONG project implementation process
  3. Field observation of STRONG project activities
  4. Focus group discussions and short structured survey with a sample of rural smallholders in the target areas, about perceptions of the STRONG project implementation process, as well as barriers and opportunities to the adoption of promoted agro-ecological practices in existing farming and livelihood systems
  5. Feed-back and knowledge sharing workshops with farmers, Ar Yone Oo staff and local agricultural department officers towards the end of the co-evaluation and research process
  6. Preparation and dissemination of communication material including agro ecological transition stories, a policy brief, project report, peer-reviewed journal article and posters with key findings for local communities


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $



Our Address:

Pyi Yeik Thar St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)