Organisation: Mondulkiri Indigenous People’s Association for Development (MIPAD)

Summary: Traditional agriculture practices in this hilly region of Cambodia have negative impacts on ecosystems and water management, which leads to low harvest and little revenues for farmers. Therefore, MIPAD plans to introduce ecology friendly, higher harvest and water and time saving farming methods for indigenous communities in Mondulkiri, thanks to conservation agriculture. MIPAD also aims to introduce high commercial value crops, like strawberries, instead of traditional low value crops.

Location: Mondulkiri province


  • Educating and training on the concept of permaculture to indigenous people and farmers in hilly areas.
  • Introducing high commercial value crops among indigenous people communities.
  • Developing pilot test or demonstration model of permaculture and ecoagriculture.
  • Helping potential indigenous people farmers, mainly women to implement permaculture and ecoagriculture.
  • Documenting on lessons learnt and success stories.




Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 USD



Our Address:

Mondulkiri province, Cambodia