National: Cambodia

Title:  Developing innovative business model for Agricultural Cooperative to produce

and collectively supply natural fertilizer to local producers Cambodia


Aide au Développement Gembloux



The project will assist Udom Soriya Agricultural Cooperative to produce and commercialize natural fertilizers (EM solid and EM liquid) to supply local markets, identified as a priority and presenting high potential demand for Bokashi type of fertilizer. ADG and FAEC will provide necessary supports to improve the quality of fertilizers, to set up the production unit and the collective commercial organization of these locally produced natural fertilizers and support smallholders to correctly apply it in order to address the lack of organic material to fertilize their agricultural fields.

Localization:  5 communes in Tramkork district of Takeo province


(1) Providing action research/ experimentation to find out best formulas with lab test and field experiment with local producers;

(2) Set up management system, design responsibilities and prepare management tools for the cooperative;

(3) Capacity building to the cooperative both management and operation including follow up and coaching;

(4) Set up production platform and facilities such as warehouse, small laboratory, rice husk burner, grinding machine, shaking machine and other production equipment;

(5) Set up distribution channel of final products and deal with local retailers and other cooperatives to ensure that it is easy for users to get access to the fertilizer;

(6) Launch different marketing campaigns/awareness raising, design packaging, leaflet, other promotion materials and web page or Facebook page;

(7) Organization of two events:

– a provincial AE workshop organized at the end of 2017

– a final workshop to assess the impacts and lesson learn from the project.


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $


Our Address:

Chamkar Morn Phnom Penh Cambodia