Title: Easy gardens, Dry zone, Myanmar

Organization: Partners Myanmar




Summary: In 2016, a grant from Australian High Commission allowed Partners Myanmar to start a pilot project called ‘Garden Towers’ based on the same principles as the ‘Easy Gardens’ but with different materials (plastic barrels, plastic pipe…).

Building from this experience, they improved their technique to propose an even more efficient and ecological technology. ‘Easy Gardens’ targets particularly landless farmers, women, elderly or People with Disabilities (PwD) who are often excluded of the production chain. The project will supply ‘Easy Gardens’, that is to say baskets of 100 to 150 L made with bamboo mat and wrapped with cement to make the structure waterproof, to needy households. ‘Easy Gardens’ enable people with small yard to grow organic vegetables and/or fruit on a tiny area. It’s a side activity allowing families to improve their livelihood all year long.

Localization: 16 villages in Salin and Chauk Townships, Dry Zone, Magway Division, Myanmar


  • Elaboration of a pamphlet about the construction of ‘Easy Gardens’ and booklets about pests and diseases control.
  • Providing of Easy Gardens to 600 households in the Dry Zone.
  • Trainings on the use and maintenance of ‘Easy Gardens’.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of this project and realisation of an impact analysis.


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10,000 USD




Our Address:

dry zone, magway division, myanmar