National: Laos

Title: Identifying Barriers in the Adoption of Agroecological Practices in Rural Laos


Huam Jai Asasamak Association



Adoption of Agro-ecology practice in Laos is still small scale and organization-driven in nature, the initiative is deemed sporadic and synergy among actors is widely scattered.  Adoption of Agro-ecological practices in the rural farming communities is still a challenge perhaps due to the lack of institutional support and expertise of the farmers to independently initiate components of Agro-ecological practices at the community-level.  The proposed research will further investigate barriers that potentially affect smallholder farmers ability to adopt Agro ecological practices and explore more on significant contribution and importance and role of extension-based support, natural resources allocation, the de facto Lao land tenure system and overall influence of agriculture policy.

Localization: Outhoumphon District Savannakhet Province and Pek District Xiengkhoung Province Lao PDR


  1. Selection and recruitment of  potential research students/intern, lectures  and partners
  2. Partnership research concept and proposal discussion
  3. Development of full proposal with the partner organization
  4. Conduct site visit of the study areas
  5. Implement  and conduct field work for 2 villages in Xieng Khoung and Savannakhet
  6. Review, consolidate and analysis of dataset
  7. Write findings and synthesis report
  8. Publish report in University journals, ALiSEA webpage or relevant local articles
  9. Disseminate findings to relevant institutions and agroecological actors through conferences and trainings


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $


Our Address:

Xaysettha district Vientiane Capital Lao PDR