National: Cambodia

Title: Promoting Agroecological related Skills Among Local Community and Key Actors


Ockenden Cambodia



The proposed project period is 12 months starting from June 1,2017 to May 31,2018. Ockenden will work closely with key farmers, community leaders, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to enhance permaculture, eco-agrological related knowledge and skills to the farmers and other relevant stakeholders in 3 communes in Mongkul Borei District, Banteay Meanchey province, Cambodia.

The project seeks to promote sustainable permaculture, agroecological farming skills, regenerative farming systems that improve productivity of small-scale farmers, creating diversity to make food production resilient to a changing and unpredictable climate and producing sufficient food to feed farmers themselves and local communities whilst enhancing biodiversity and ecology. This includes recycling nutrients and energy on the farm, rather than using too much external inputs; integrating crop and animal farming; diversifying species; and focusing on the ways in which crops and animals can mutually benefit each other rather than on individual species. By encouraging use of organic materials and improving the soil, farmers can promote better plant growth.

Localization:  in Cambodia, Banteay Meanchey province, Mongkul Borei district, in 3 Communes (Ta Lom, Srah Raing &Kok Balang) with 25 villages in total


  1. Capacity building to farmers on permaculture priciples/concept, organic and naural farming and agroecological farming skills.
  1. Set up (25) model farms across the target communities following the Permacuture principles/concept and design which include family pond; fish, poultry and crop production; tree planting; seed production, compost making and soil biodiversity in a holistic permaculture design.
  2. Organise Farmer Field School/demonstration of permacuture concept/principles, agroecological related skills, Trees and plants supply.


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 9,875 $

The photos of all activities for the Month of August such as the farm re-design workshop in target village, Permaculture training to key farmers, how to make EM and compost liquid,   and the wealthy of growing organic vegetables.


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