Title: Promoting agroecology transiton via enhanicng farmers’ analytical and decision making capacity through application of simulation games  


 The Consutative Institute for Socio Economic Development of Rural

and Mountainous Areas – CISDOMA



Vietnam is undertaking a strategic transformation of agricultural sector, with strong direction from government towards improving quality of agricultural products and protecting environment. From technical aspect, application of agro-ecology friendly practices in to farming systems is the only way to ensure safe quality of the products and sustainable environment. The adoption of the environment friendly technologies and practices however has encountered numbers of obstacles. Among the hindering factors, the low level of acceptance and adoption of farmers towards agroecological friendly techniques is a bottleneck. A critical reason to this fact is that there is a lack of effective approaches in communicating, organizing, and facilitating farmers, and consequently limited application and expansion of the good practices.

Localization: 2 communes in Tam Duong District of Lai Chau province, Vietnam


  1. Develop simulation games for specific contents of the agro-ecology training/capacity building activities. This will be done by national experts with the support from international experts on simulation games. Tailor made simulation exercises will be designed for specific contents/topics of the activities with farmers. Outputs fo these workshops will be contextualised action plans to develop and disseminate agroecology practices.
  1. Facilitate application of simulation games in to practices with farmers. This will be integrated in the trainings, exercises in existing project of CISDOMA with the facilitation of national experts.
  2. Conduct survey to collect evidence on the improved effectiveness of simulation exercises in promoting agro-ecology practices: This will be conducted by the national experts with the engagement of farmers and local partners from extension and agriculture agencies. Recommendations and lession leraned on what extent and under which conditions the tool can be replicated beyond the district will be drawn up as part of the surveys report.
  3. Document and dissemination of the successful practices through existing networks of ELiSEA, CISDOMA and other forums.


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10,000 $


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