Title: Young Organic Farmers: The Journey of Hope

Organizations: Towards Organic Asia (TOA)





Many inspiring stories are waiting to be discovered in the field of Agroecology. Since 2010, Towards Organic Asia has been working to promote young organic farmers and successfully build up the network of over 80 alumni from 25 organizations. Towards Organic Asia proposes to realize a compilation of their stories in order to inspire the active members within the network but also to reach a broader public. The project will produce four short films that allow the YOF’s voices in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia to be heard by a larger international audience.

Localization: Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand


1)Production of two clips for each country:

  • one of 2 minutes: a clip focused on an inspiration targeting general audience, young people, farmers.
  • one of 7 minutes: a shot documentary including technical aspect targeting young farmers.

Ten clips altogether (8 clips for 4 cases plus 1 long film and 1 teaser)

2) The clips will be presented at:

  • CURLS 2017 exhibition in Thailand,
  • the Organic Mekong Congress in Vietnam,
  • the Organic World Congress in India,
  • the YOF2017 programme in Bhutan
  • as well as on Facebook, YouTube and on partner’s websites (Right Livelihood College, Youth Initiative Programme, Youth Future Project, ALiSEA).



Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $

The photos of the activities on how to collect the original seeds were being collected by natural seed group; what is aspiration to become a farmer; dried seeds, ready for packing and distribute across seed saving network and how is the local market work with the seeds and vegetables from farmers.


Our Address:

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