National: Vietnam

Title: Workshop for sharing experience on recycling of rice plant residues for enriching lands with organic matters and in-time cultivation of next crop


Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI)



Each year, around 50 million tons of rice straw residues are produced in Viet Nam, but most of it was burnt in the fields or along the roads. This not only wastes a valuable carbon source, but also causes air pollution and generates greenhouse gas (CO2). During past years, NOMAFSI has developed techniques for “quick composting” of rice plant residues in the field right after the harvest using an efficient microorganism product (EM) of NOMAFSI which has been approved by MARD for commercial use. Literature review on EM product is presented in Annex.

This “quick composting” technique is simple enough for farmers to apply at small and large scale plots: After harvesting of rice, spray the EM product directly over the plant residues in the field; and when the plant residues have been decayed cultivate the next rice crop as normally. With straw after threshing: make small piles of straws in a suitable places in the field, spray the EM over the straws and, when the straws have been degraded use them as organic fertilizers for rice or  for other crops.

Results obtained in some demonstration sites in Phu Tho and Yen Bai provinces showed that only 7-10 days after treatment with this EM product the field could be ready for the next crop cultivation, and rice plants expressed better growth with stronger root system and gave higher yield. This proposal is to share experience of the application of this technical innovation towards its large-scale adoption in paddy production in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

Localization: The project will implemented for the northern mountainous region of Vietnam (NMR) which comprises 14 provinces. The workshop thus will be organized in NOMAFSI which located in Phu Tho town, Phu Tho province, one of the 14 provinces of the NMR.


  1. Implementing on-farm experimentations
  2. A workshop will be organized for farmers, local decision makers and extension officers from 14 provinces in the NMR and also for relevant people from MARD (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), VAAS (Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences) and some NGOs. At this workshop research and pilot/demonstration results will be presented, and discussions will be facilitated towards scaling-out and scaling-up of the practice.


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 4,880 $


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