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Location: Cambodia
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Ms. Davon, Davon Farm Owner

Since her parents moved to live on this farm in 1991, they have grown many types of field crops and cash crops. Davon started involving on and off with farming activities since a young age. After graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in General Business Administration at National University of Management (NUM) in Cambodia, she has worked with an NGO to support people living in slum areas around Phnom Penh city.
As agriculture is one of her major interests, Davon has managed to get involved with farming activities during the weekend with her parents while working with the NGO. In 2017, she joined Mekong Youth Farm Network as a member, which received fundamental supports from the network in building her capacity related to agriculture.

At Davon Farm, there is a huge range of crop species available including rice, fruit trees, leaf and fruit vegetables and some root crops. That shows a significant compliance with the agroecological principles. However, as cattle production is not included in the on-farm activities, the shortage of organic manure is a major challenge. A huge amount of cow manure is imported to Davon Farm every year, making her farm very dependent on outside sources for organic fertilizers. This factor limits the soil improvement program to its minimum level, which leads to an unsustainable practice if this condition persists.

The crops were mostly produced for household consumption, except for some major cash crops such as seasonal mango, sugarcane and cucurbit crops which are sold at local markets or through direct selling at a stall in front of the house.

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