National: Laos

Title: Developing of Teaching & Learning Materials

in Agroecology at University Level in the Lao PDR


Faculty of Agriculture, NUOL



The objectie of project is to develop the teaching-learning material on agroecology at the university in Laos to improve the human resource for driven the implementing of AE practice at local level. The 2 days meeting will be organized in Vientiane, Lao PDR by invitation of professors for the organic agriculture, agroforestry, ecology/agro ecology, integrated agriculture courses from 4 universities to re-design the contents of each course. After that the professors will need to write AE teaching manuals. Monthly meeting will be organized occasionally to follow the progress of writing AE teaching manuals. Finally, publishing of teaching manuals will be made and the full draft of manuals in PDF will be uploaded on the ALiSEA website.

Localization: The FAG will be the host and responsible for project management, coorination and publishing. It locates at Nabong campus, Xaythani district, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.


  1. Roundtable meeting. The meeting will be held at the NUOL for 2 days with aims to review and update the syllabus of 4 agroecological courses in the university level. In addition, it is to determine the teamwork and their functions. Based on a longterm experience of professors in implementing for these 4 agroecological techniques, having 2 days meeting is expected to get enough information to improve the course syllabus.
  2. Workshop for sharing knowledge and practices of AE in Laos. The meeting would be designed as a 1-day workshop with 1 or 2 representatives of each organisation (FAG, Luras, Agrisud, CIRAD and may be other relevant partners) and would aim at synergizing one another’s activities. This would be a great opportunity to present the results of the  roundtable with other initiatives in Laos and learn from other  experiences. It is noted that this 1-day workshop will handle the organisation by ALiSEA.
  3. Improve the teaching manual books. This stage is needed time for completing as the professors have to search for update information and techniques to include into the manunals. The resources for collecting information will be sahred by participants, but the primary resources for searching information on agroecological practices are ALiSEA and its partners in Laos, MAF (Laos), Sustainable Agriculture Foundation (Thailand),  and Greenpeace Thailand. These resources will be  recommended to the professors.
  4. Correction and Editing process. After the professors complete the first draft of manual books, then they have to submit to the Correctors to read and check the quality of the manuals. This process needs to run for two times, 1st correction and edition and 2nd correction and edition. The correctors will be discussed during the roundtable meeting.
  5. Publication. After the professors complete the 2nd edition, then all final draft of teaching manuals will submit to the printing house for standard publication.
  6. Dissemination. The final text books of the project is around 219 in total and will be distribute to related universities and organizations as details in following table.
No Target  organizations/recievers Quantity Remark
1 Faculty of Agriculture, NUOL 60 15 books of each course
2 Faculty of Forestry, NUOL 15 Only agroforestry
3 Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry, Souphanouvong University 40 10 books of each course
4 Faculty of Agriculture & Environment, Savannakhet University 40 10 books of each course
5 Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry, Champhasak University 40 10 books of each course
6 Department of Agriculture Extension & Cooperative 4 One of each course
7 ALiSEA 4 One of each course
8 The central library of NUOL 4 One of each course
9 Professors 8 One for each person
10 National library 4 One of each course
  Total 219  


Budget granted by ALiSEA: 10 000 $

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