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Vo Van Tieng, Tam Viet farm owner

TamViet Farm, the “soul of Vietnam”, was set up in 2015 by Vo Van Tieng. This young farmer did not know much about agriculture back then. Travelling extensively across Vietnam, he witnessed farmers growing rice without any chemicals in North Vietnam. Aware that most of the farmers were using significant amount of chemicals in South Vietnam at a high cost both for their health and their financial stability, he decided to go back to his hometown, Hong Ngu in the Mekong delta, and try to grow rice free from chemicals and to restore biodiversity on his farm. He first started his eperiment on his family land (2ha) and then expanded the farm to 8ha in 2016. After being awarded a prize for his eco-business startup by The Center of Business Studies and Assistance (BSA) in Ho hi inch city, he benefited from funds to further expand his farm that reached 20ha in 2017.

In TamViet Farm rice is grown without any chemicals and ducks are used to regulate pests. There are two seasons of rice and in between, lotus is grown because it keeps nutrients and sediments into the water. This will stimulate the growth of aquatic life and ultimately benefit the rice grown right after.

One of TamViet farm mission is to educate youth, professionals and even tourists about organic rice farming and biodiversity management. Vo Van Tieng opened the TamViet club-house in his farm in 2017. This club-house aims at gathering researchers, scientists, farmers and businessman to come and share their views on organic agriculture.

Tamiet farm has a good financial profitability thans to an efficient selling strategy and its product diversification. Fishes and duck eggs are sold to a collector based in Ho Chi Minh city, ensuring the products an access to the largest market in Vietnam. Rice is processed and sold to the same collector who will then distribute it to different provinces. Lotus seeds and leaves are sold to a private company.

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