Online Webinar: Strengthening Actor Networks to Support Changes, 09 May 2023

Online Webinar: Strengthening Actor Networks to Support Changes, 09 May 2023

Date: Tuesday 9th May 2023
Time: 1:30 to 4:30pm (Hanoi, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Bangkok Time)
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Organized by ALiSEA Network and GRET

Networking of Actors to Support Changes

About Partnership, Governance & Sustainability of networking: “What needs do we address?”


ALiSEA Network is an open coalition of stakeholders united around the promotion of agroecology in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. Initiated in 2015, it was established in response to the need to bridge and synergize the many ongoing initiatives, convinced that cooperation is a crucial factor in scaling up agroecology. Making a link between practitioners and supporters sharing and supporting common goals on agroecology, it aims at providing meaningful benefit for all participants. ALiSEA works at local and regional levels, and currently counts five countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. It gathers to date over 150 members from different backgrounds and approaches: CSOs and NGOs, Farmer organizations, Research & Academia, Private Sector, Government.

The network has 3 folded objectives:

  • Strengthen knowledge and experience sharing among agroecological initiatives and actors.
  • Increase visibility and credibility of agroecological movement towards policy makers and consumers.
  • Scaling up the development and adoption of agroecological practice among farmers.

This webinar on “Strengthening Actor Networks to Support Changes” is part of the ongoing work of the ALiSEA network on its internal structuration, governance, 2023 strategy and development of synergies with existing networks in the region. It is open to all ALiSEA members.


  1. Share experiences and practices on networking,
  2. Identify strengths and weak points on networking process,
  3. Formulate key takeaway messages to facilitate regional and multi-stakeholders’ networks.

The main red threads of the discussions are based on (i) Structuration and governance of networks (ii) Factors of their sustainability and (iii) Enlarged partnership of alliances.

The webinar will consist of a roundtable discussion between network members and researcher, facilitating exchanges with participants. The principle is to give an account of the realities of the functioning of such alliances, by trying to privilege conversation-type modes of exchange, despite our digital, cultural and linguistic distances.

The webinar will be translated from English into Khmer, Vietnamese and Laotian.

A short proceeding of the Webinar will be shared on ALiSEA website and the other networks.


Webinar consists on a diversity of networks in terms of geographical scope and type of members. Brief background presentation of the speakers:

Ms Chanthalangsy Sisouvanh from RDA – Environmental Education and Awareness (EEA)

She is the Founder & Executive Director of Rural Development Agency (RDA) in Laos since 2009. She has extensive experience and networks within the Lao communities and working with young people, communities, local authorities and village functionalities in promoting sustainable and inclusive community development in Laos.

Mr. Vitoon R. Panyakul from Green Net Cooperative

He has been working with the Thai organic movement and fair trade since 1991. He has been founder of many key organizations such as Green Net Cooperative, Earth Net Foundation, Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT), Thai Organic Trader Association (TOTA). Besides working in Thailand, Vitoon is also active in Southeast Asian region where he works as consultancy on various aspects of organic agriculture and fair trade. Since 2017, he serves as the chairperson of ASEAN Organic Federation.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Castella from Institute of Research for Development (IRD-UMR SENS)

He is a senior researcher at IRD, SENS research unit. He investigates the impacts of agro-ecological and socio-economic changes on farming landscapes and livelihoods in Southeast Asia. He encourages multi-stakeholder group discussions and reflections using serious games and visual techniques to boost collective intelligence. Through transdiciplinary approaches, he codesigns projects and models, products and innovations in support of farming communities that are transitioning towards agroecology and safe food systems.

In turn, speakers will share their observations and questions on the following themes:

Internal structure and governance

  • How to ensure collective decision processes, how to address the question of representativeness/legitimacy, participatory approach?
  • How to mobilize a collective so that it does not run out of steam? How to manage the diversity and the number? The institutional actors’ games?
  • How to facilitate the emergence of priority topics and actions to be addressed by the network?

Ensuring strong and sustainable network

  • What are the success factors or bets taken to ensure the sustainability of the networks?
  • What are the risks and benefits associated with networks initiated through international aid projects?
  • How can we resolve the economic issues for the sustainability of the networks?

Broaden partnership and alliances

  • How to facilitate a common vision and goal between institutional actors with various institutional background, norms and logics?
  • How research partnership could enhance comprehensive evaluation of the impact and share information/spread knowledge?
  • Which actors or institutions could be relevant to be associated to your network (e.g media, private sector etc.)?

Expected Agenda

Time: 1:30pm Hanoi, Vientiane, Phnom Penh Time