Permaculture Project Supervisor – Happy Chandara School

Permaculture Project Supervisor – Happy Chandara School

Happy Chandara School, founded 10 years ago by the French NGO Toutes à l’école, is committed to the promotion of quality education for every woman in Cambodia through the free education of disadvantaged girls from primary school to high school.
Today, our school hosts more than 1200 students and, as a pilot school, offers them an innovative curriculum that mixes the Cambodian official curriculum from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, with some additional courses meant to broaden their outlook (French language, IT, traditional dance, personal development, opening to the world…).
Happy Chandara School also hosts a vocational training center specializing in hairdressing and recognized by both the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and L’Oréal. 40 young women are currently trained by Cambodian and French professionals.

My Future is Now” project is the career guidance program of Happy Chandara School. It was started in January 2016, a few months after the opening of Happy Chandara’s High School. Career guidance is a process and it is a fundamental step for every student, that’s why the NGO Toutes à l’école is strongly committed to providing its students with the best information and counselling regarding their future.

  • Monitor the Permaculture project.
  • Lead the team on the field.
  • Follow up the project daily, the gardeners’ work and the training of the selected families.
  • Ensure that the project is properly carried out within deadlines.
  • Ensure the green areas (gardens) of the 3 schools are well maintained.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the permaculture garden according to the brief provided by the project manager in order to ensure the productivity of the garden:
    • Undertake the process of organic certification of Happy Chandara’s vegetable production
    • Collect data and analyse the project (profitability per m², yield) in order to assess the impact of the new techniques implemented and build an argumentation intended to convince the farmers living around the school.
  • In the selected families’ farm: implement the training strategy:
    • Training of farmers
    • Permaculture design, training and follow up on the families’ land.
    • Creation of a link among the farmers and with potential buyers in order to help them access the organic market.
    • Data collection and analysis of the project (profitability per m², yield) in order to assess the impact of the new techniques implemented.
  • Participate in educational activities:
    • Supervision of permaculture workshops or courses in collaboration with other subjects.
    • Contribution to the enrichment of the documentary collection of the three libraries on the themes of clean agriculture and sustainable development.
  • Structure community outreach activities.
    • Animation and maintenance of the discovery trail on the two sites (the secondary and high school).
    • Information via boards in front of the 3 schools.
  • Host Cambodian trainees that can lead to a recruitment.
  • Develop and maintain a network of agriculture actors such as organizations, private companies, cooperatives, research institutes and Cambodian universities.
  • Maintenance and improvement of the green areas of the 3 schools.
  • Others:
    • Take part in school events, workshops, trainings, outings and activities which may take place at weekends or in the evening.
    • Respect school rules and regulations.
    • Attend staff and department meetings.
    • Liaise with all colleagues and work flexibly.
Expected Profile
  • Agronomist or relevant experience in this field
  • Fluent in French and/or English, Khmer is a plus.
  • Organization and anticipation
  • Pro-active and reactive
  • Team worker and diplomat
  • Good ability to adapt
Computer skills
  • Strong knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and of the Pack Office in general.
  • Department Services
  • 40 hours/week

If you are interested in the project in any way, please contact our team. We’ll be pleased to answer to your questions and give you more information: