Project Officer – Fauna & Flora International, Cambodia Programme

Project Officer – Fauna & Flora International, Cambodia Programme

Announcement Description

Fauna & Flora International (FFI), founded in 1903, is the world’s longest-established international conservation organization. With its head office in Cambridge, UK, today FFI is active in over 40 countries worldwide, and has been operating in Cambodia since 1996. Our vision is to create sustainable future for the planet where biodiversity is conserved by the people living closest to it. We aim to do this through the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, base on sound science and take account of human need. The FFI Cambodia Programme is recruiting for a skilled and committed to deliver efficient and effective administrative and human resource management of FFI’s offices and operations in Cambodia, in compliance with internal policies and procedures and relevant legislation and statutory and regulatory frameworks.

Department Overview

The Integrated Conservation and Livelihoods Project (ICLP) works closely with the FFI Cambodia Flagship Species in order to fulfill four key objectives; To strengthen the food security for forest communities through no-forest dependent means; To strengthen the income security for forest communities through non-forest dependent means; To support forest communities to protect and conserve important biodiversity including the Critically Endangered Siamese Crocodile and Endangered Asian Elephants and their habitats; and To strengthen the environmental literacy and understanding of biodiversity conservation for communities in the Cardamom Mountain Landscape.

Working through a market systems development approach, the ICLP will focus on improving the local production and surrounding market system of rice, chickens and essential oils. Core project activities will include identification and training of village level advisors to drive project activities, technical production trainings, individual technical coaching, enterprise development, market system strengthening facilitation including key market actor connection meetings and value chain strengthening.

Sustainability is a core element of ICLP and is promoted via several streams. All activities focus on incorporating and enhancing local knowledge that will stay in the community, while promoting horizontal farmer-to-farmer learning. By taking a market base approach, the transition of knowledge is incentivised by profit, and by strengthening key market actors and systems for priority products, allows both the knowledge and inputs needed for improved agriculture to continue after the life of the project.

The on-going species-specific conservation activities are part off a long-term approach with additional income being secured to allow for continued support into the future. Our project focused on capacity building and collaboration with government stakeholders has ensured that species conservation is a primary concern for government and will continue to be so, particularly with regard to the recovery of flagship species such as the Siamese crocodile and Asian elephant.

Announcement Position

Project Officer

Agriculture, Rural development, Resources & Environment

  • Location: Koh Kong, Travel to Provinces
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Salary: $457 – $537
  • Other benefits: + $90 food allowance
  • Contract duration: 1 years 6 months
  • Starting date: April 2019
  • Direct Line Manager: Project Manager, Integrated Conservation and Livelihoods Project


  • Project Implementation
    • Chicken production
      • With the support of Project staff;
      • Support on improving the chicken production capability of local community members;
      • Identify, train and support local village poultry advisors to conduct trainings, promote best practice, coordinate meetings;
      • Organize, train and monitor village-level Paravets in their knowledge and practical abilities in:
        • The recognition of diseases;
        • The provision of appropriate treatment;
        • Poultry vaccination, incl. vaccine selection and application;
      • Build capacity of Paravets to promote the use of vaccinations to others;
      • Identify resource needs (equipment, learning resources, etc.) required to achieve project objectives and coordinate procurement with the senior Veterinarian, Project Coordinator and Project Manage.
    • Market system development
      • With the support of Project staff;
      • Support the development of local level enterprises to increase community level access to poultry inputs
      • Facilitate the connection between high quality animal medicine and vaccination companies and village-level medicine sellers (Incl. village medicine shops, Paravets Village Animal Health Workers etc.)
      • Train village medicine sellers on:
        • The use of (new) drugs and treatment of (new) diseases
        • Providing technical advice to their customers
        • Train sellers on stock management and safe disposal of expired products
      • In the case of a major disease outbreak, advise sellers on what preventative and treatment measures they can recommend to their clients
      • Support local shops in accessing (and promoting) a larger diversity of veterinary medicines and vaccines, especially those suitable for smallholders.
    • General agricultural development
      • Support other project activities which may require agronomy expertise including essential oils production, horticulture, and poultry production.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Conduct M&E on all aspects of chicken production activities
      • Incl. Data collection, report writing and any other activities required by the project
    • Biodiversity conservation
      • Work with communities to protect biodiversity conservation
      • Be a champion of biodiversity conservation and promote FFI’s values
    • Project Team support
      • Support and assist the ICLP team in ad-hoc activities as and when needed
      • Support FFI Flagship Species team when needed to work with the communities
    • Finance and administration
      • Identify budget gaps, ensure correct financial procedures are
    • [Note: Target communities are located in isolated hard to reach areas, PC must be comfortable traveling  for long periods of time by motorbike, car and boat and staying and basic conditions.]
  • Technical Input
    • Tasks & responsibilities
      • Prepare reports on chicken production analysis
    • Tasks & responsibilities
      • Promote collaboration, networking and experience sharing with partners, stakeholders and other relevant individuals and agencies working in rural development in Cambodia, alongside the Project Coordinator and Officer.
      • Support the capacity needs of local communities and participating government staff by providing recommendations and looking for opportunities for additional training and mentoring, and developing these alongside the Project Coordinator and Officer.
      • Contribute as an active member to the FFI Cambodia Programme.


    • Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, rural development, natural resource management, agriculture, food security or a related field.
    • Fluent in Khmer and good English
    • Able to drive a motorbike in difficult terrain for long period of time to access rural communities in Koh Kong.
      • 3+ years’ experience in implementing agriculture project including chicken production;
      • Technical skills and experience in; Chicken production, chicken veterinary knowledge and experience, enterprise development and horticulture. Experience in rice production including SRI, GAP and seed purification id an asset;
      • Experience working in isolated and hard to reach communities with extended period of travel by motorbike.
      • Commitment to FFI’s mission and vision;
      • Commitment to organizational and legal compliance;
      • Output-driven;
      • Rigorous and diligent approach to work;
      • Ability to work under pressure;
      • Team player, demonstrating ability to seek out and harness the views and contributions of others;
      • Ability to build positive personal and organizational relationships;
      • Ability to work within a multi-cultural environment;
      • Able to work flexible hours and travel on extended trips to remote, isolated and rural locations with basic conditions.

Application Information

  • Applicants to send CV and cover letter to email mentioned in the contact detail;
  • Fauna-Flora International is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factors;
  • Closing Date:
  • Interviews week of March 25th.
Contact Detail
  • Mr. Tim Bergman, Fauna & Flora International, Cambodia Programme, email: [email protected]