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Project Name Standard Division, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Organic agriculture
  • SRI
  • Standards
  • Vegetables
What had been done:

DoA had Certified 37 producers for OA standars (remaining 25 producers), and 17 for GAP (remainig 10 producers).
Written field implementation guidbook for rice, cabbages [35,37,38], and organic production standard books, ICS (internal Control System), strategy toward 2025 [36,39,40,44] , and a package of GAP standard guide book and agreements [41,42,43]. And the GAP guidebook on filed impplementation for banana and water melon are going to release soon.
Process on certification and stakeholders: There are four types of clean products standard difination -1/ Organic Agriculture (OA), 2/ Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), 3/ No-chemical Agriculture, and 4/ Natural Agriculture. But, up to now there is only two standard had been certified (GAP and OA). The process for certification [see detail in book number 39] start from submission the application and request from the farm owner or producer group to PAFO or DoA directly, DoA set inspection planning by theinspector team of DoA, conducting the inspection at farm level (by PAFO), reporting to the certification committee before issue the certification (committee members including Standar division [DoA], Regulation division [DoA], Plant protenction center),and then all information were kept in the information control system for cumtomer. The certification process take a year for the preparation process in the initial stage for following up of whole process then after certified the certificate expired with in one year, and if the farm owner or group want o expand it they must submit the form again with take before 6 months of expiration time. The standard control system use to certify OA and GAP are the PGS and ICS, that farm owner or group can use depending on the situation of the farm or the products

What are difficulties:

Limiation of the advertise (budget) on the clean agriculture standard.
There is unknowncertification process and difficulty to access (e.g. each year there is only 5 farm owners applying for certification of either OA or GAP)

What are their ideas to progress:

Need to promote more on the important and
process of certification at provincial level to
give opportunity to the local technical to
access to clean agriculture standard

DoA estrablished the Clean Agriculture Development Center (CADC) in order to promote the model of clean agriculture practices and provide the advise to interested farmers or groups in practicing and certification process for the OA and GAP.