Task force meeting of ALiSEA in Laos, 27th November 2018, Lao PDR

Task force meeting of ALiSEA in Laos, 27th November 2018, Lao PDR

As a first step of the long-run consultation process to shape a future learning platform, On 27th November 2018, ALiSEA organized a working a sort meeting on “Task force meeting of ALiSEA in Laos“. The objective of the working meeting is to present the key findings of the online consultation survey, share the results of the external evaluation of ALiSEA commissioned by AFD and conducted by IRAM and open the discussion on the future of ALiSEA.

There were18 participants attended to the meeting include ALiSEA members.

Regarding the meeting agenda:

(1) Presentation of ALiSEA network survey the result of online consultation, By: Hongnapha

(2) ALiSEA online platform presentation: Focusing on social media, By: Samphanh

(3) Presentation ONLINE SURVEY TO SHAPE THE FUTURE OF ALiSEA Laos, By: Sythanonxai

(4) General discussion on the future ALiSEA project objective and activities

All the participants are active on sharing their idea and initiative activities for ALiSEA. They also suggest ALiSEA to continue working and support the network to be more strength in organization management, proposal writing and access to the other donors. They suggest that ALiSEA should have steering committee that could work or negotiate with government partner as policy maker when they have some research\case study. The most common comment are  ALiSEA should continue work or support the youth in agriculture and youth in university; ALiSEA should promote and advertise the members’ expertise through the website/ Facebook regularly and propose them to the big donor.