TOT training of Permaculture, 14 – 19 October, 2019, Lao PDR

TOT training of Permaculture, 14 – 19 October, 2019, Lao PDR

Pha Tad KeBotanical Garden has started a new permaculture project. This project will involve the development and installation of a permaculture demonstration/research farm in Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, Laos with a training program for local farmers, government staff, NPAs and NGO’s. As part of this program, we will teach and showcase sustainable practices and how to improve livelihoods for poor upland farming communities on permaculture principles.

 On 14th-19thof October we will organize a Training of Trainers (TOT). Where we will introduce the project and our demonstration and research farm to teachers from University and College as well as NGO’s who work on rural development projects. Please find attached a short brief of the project.

In the TOT training program, we will provide the course and the Permaculture Manual for free, inclusive of transport from our office in town to garden and free lunch.

The TOT will be delivered in English and Lao. We are interested to talk with you if you can send one or a two of your staff to this TOT and to discuss if your organization would be interested in the future to send farmers to our 5-days introduction training. The farmer training will start in January 2020 and will be delivered in Lao, with lodging, meals, and manuals provided by Pha Tad Ke.

 We are also looking for more funding/grant from other group/organization to enable us to give more training if you are interested in supporting and working with Pha-Tad-Ke, Please contact us: Mr. Syphan, Coordinator of TOT and Farmer training Phone Number: 020 58614203, Email: [email protected]

Permaculture TOT Training Agenda is available download here